How to avoid being blocked by WhatsApp?

Please be aware that using WhatSender to send mass messages through WhatsApp does not exempt you from complying with WhatsApp's policies.

WhatsApp can block you for various reasons, some of which include:

  • IMPORTANT: Do not share phone numbers through mass messaging, as it is a reason for WhatsApp blocking.
  • Policy Violation: If you use WhatsApp in a way that violates its policies, such as sending unsolicited mass messages or inappropriate content.
  • User Reports: If multiple users report you as an unwanted or annoying contact.
  • Anomalous Activity: If your activity on the platform is unusual or suspicious, such as sending a large number of messages in a short period of time.
  • Sharing Unauthorized Content: If you share illegal content, spam, or content that violates copyright rights.

What to do if my account is blocked?

If your account has been blocked, to resolve this issue, you should contact WhatsApp's technical support at We cannot unlock your account as we have no involvement in WhatsApp's user management.

Tips for Optimal Practices in Sending Mass Messages

Once your account has been unblocked, we recommend that you read the message policy to avoid WhatsApp blocking you again. In recent months, WhatsApp has implemented a more restrictive policy regarding the content of the messages you can send.

Some relevant points in their policies include:

  1. Avoid Using New WhatsApp Accounts: If your account was recently created and hasn't been used for any other purpose, it should not exceed 50 daily messages.
  2. Daily Message Limits: For an account with more than 2 months of history and normal usage, we do not recommend sending more than 500 daily messages. For newly created accounts, we do not recommend using What-Sender to send messages. If you decide to do so, do not exceed 50 daily messages. You can use WhatSender with as many accounts as you like to send more messages, unlike other similar applications, we do not impose any limitations!
  3. Send Relevant Messages: Whenever possible, the messages you send should be of interest to the recipient. Sending indiscriminate spam without considering the recipient's interest can lead to detection by WhatsApp, especially for new accounts. This is because recipients can block or mute your number.
  4. Personalize the Message: You can personalize the message with the recipient's name or other additional data using the "@value" fields. This is an optional measure.
  5. Set High and Random Send Times: You can define high and random send times (in the Profile tab) to avoid WhatsApp detecting indiscriminate usage.
  6. Use WhatsApp Business: Consider using the WhatsApp Business application.

Additionally, we recommend you follow these practices:

  1. Personalize Your Messages: Avoid sending generic or identical messages to all your users. Personalizing messages makes them more relevant and less likely to be considered spam. You can find information on how to do this using value parameters.
  2. Avoid Indiscriminate Messaging: Refrain from using aggressive marketing techniques that could be perceived as spam. Instead, focus on building relationships with your customers and providing them with valuable and timely information.
  3. Respect Your Users' Privacy: Ensure that you have the consent of your users before sending them messages. Also, allow them to easily opt out if they no longer wish to receive your communications.
  4. Do Not Use Purchased or Third-Party Lists: These lists may contain numbers that have not given consent to receive your messages and increase the risk of being marked as spam.
  5. Control Message Frequency: Sending too many messages in a short period can annoy your users and increase the likelihood of them marking your messages as spam. Review the Parameters settings in WhatSender.

It's also important to consider your customers' perception, as if a few mark your messages as spam, it could result in your account being blocked.

By following these practices and adhering to WhatsApp's policies, you can reduce the risk of your account being blocked.