Latest Version

Version 2.0.9. - Imported Contact Import and Diagnosis

We are excited to announce the release of the latest version of our application, which includes a series of improvements and new features designed to optimize your user experience and provide you with more powerful and efficient tools. Below, we detail the most notable updates in this version:

Enhanced Introduction to Contact Import from WhatsApp Tags

With the aim of making contact management even more accessible and customizable, we've enhanced the contact import functionality. Now, not only can you import contacts from WhatsApp groups, but we also offer you the ability to select specific contacts using WhatsApp tags. This advanced tool allows you to organize your contacts more efficiently, ensuring that you always have the most relevant information at hand.

Significant Advances in Sending Attachments

Understanding the importance of sharing information quickly and securely, we've made a series of optimizations in the process of sending attachments. These technical improvements not only increase the reliability of sending but also speed up the process, ensuring that your files reach their destination without any issues. Whether you're sharing important documents or images, our application now ensures an unprecedented sending experience.

Activity Log Window: An Essential Tool for Problem Diagnosis

Aware of the importance of agile and effective technical support, we have incorporated an activity log window, available from the help menu. This new function allows you to access and share detailed logs of your activity within the application, significantly facilitating the diagnosis and resolution of any problems you may encounter. This step towards greater transparency and efficiency in technical support is a testament to our ongoing commitment to user satisfaction.

Each of these improvements has been carefully designed with your needs and feedback in mind. We are committed to the continuous development of our application to ensure it offers the best possible experience. We hope you enjoy these new features and improvements as much as we enjoyed creating them for you.

Version 2.0.8. - New Contact Manager: Streamline your contact lists with WhatSender

We are thrilled to introduce the latest update to Whatsender, featuring an enhanced and robust Contact Manager, tailored to streamline your communication and contact management. This update focuses on improving user experience by making the import and management of your essential contacts more efficient.

What's New in the Contact Manager:

  1. Direct Import from WhatsApp: You can now directly import contacts from your WhatsApp groups, making it easier to handle large contact lists.
  2. Clipboard Importing Improved: We’ve refined the clipboard import with a new button that simplifies the entire process.
  3. CSV File Support: As usual, you have the ability to import your contacts from a CSV file, adhering to the familiar format.
  4. Excel Download Capability: For more advanced management, you can download your contact lists in Excel format.
  5. Direct Saving from the Sending Form: For added convenience, you can now save your contacts directly from the main sending form using the save button.

These enhancements are designed to help you organize and communicate with your contacts more effectively, whether you're dealing with family, clients, or collaborators. Whether it's 10, 200, or 5000 contacts, our system is ready to assist you in keeping everything orderly and accessible.

A Look at the New Panel:

The new administration panel is intuitive and user-friendly, offering a clear view of your contact lists and the tools to manage them. With just a click, you can alphabetically sort your contacts, import entire lists, and make edits as needed.

We hope these new features make your Whatsender experience more enjoyable and productive. Download the latest update and start enjoying smoother, more organized communication today!

Version 2.0.7. - Duplicate Removal Feature

We are pleased to announce the introduction of our new Duplicate Removal option, a cutting-edge feature meticulously designed to streamline your messaging process. By automatically identifying and removing duplicate messages from your queue, this feature ensures each message sent to your customers is unique and relevant.

This proactive approach not only enhances the quality of your communications but also significantly reduces the risk of encountering blocks or restrictions on WhatsApp. Activated by default for your immediate benefit, this feature underscores our commitment to improving your messaging experience. Should you wish to manage this feature according to your specific needs, we provide the flexibility to disable it.

This option is conveniently located under the 'Prefix Change' section within the 'Preferences' tab of your 'User' profile, enabling you to customize your approach to customer engagement.

Version 2.0.6. - Background Sending: Improve productivity with the new version of WhatSender

We are pleased to announce the arrival of version 2.0.5 of WhatSender, a key update that introduces the long-awaited functionality of background message sending, thus significantly improving the efficiency and flexibility of your communications.

This new version will automatically update when you restart Chrome, as long as it is available in your region. In case you are unable to update to the latest version automatically, we invite you to visit the Update WhatSender section of our Help Center, where you will find detailed instructions to perform the update manually.

Continue reading to explore the improvements and advantages this update offers you.

Important Changes and How They Affect You
New Optimized Memory System

Upon updating to version 2.0.5, you may notice that your history seems to have disappeared. However, your data is safe in the cache memory. We have improved memory management for more efficient performance.

If you wish, you can return to the previous memory system. Simply go to the "User" tab and select "Activate the Old Memory System" in the advanced settings menu. This will allow you to access your previous history, although keep in mind that you will not be able to take advantage of the improvements of the new background sending system.

Renovated Sending Engine

Background Sending: The background sending feature allows you to continue sending messages even after closing WhatSender, without interruptions. This provides exceptional flexibility in your daily tasks. Check the recommendations because this new functionality affects the pause button.

Option to Return to the Previous System: If you prefer the previous sending system, you always have the option to return to it. Go to the advanced settings section in the "User" tab and select "Activate the Old Sending System".

Recommendations for a Smooth Transition

1. Explore the New Features: We encourage you to experiment with the new memory system and background sending to fully leverage WhatSender's enhanced capabilities.

2. Continuous Sending: With the new sending engine, messages will continue to be sent even after closing the extension, unlike the previous version where they would stop. If you wish to stop sending, you can do so from the extension's history tab (you will need to reopen it, logically).

3. Optimal Performance: When the WhatsApp Web tab is in the background (not active), sending will continue, but at a reduced speed, as the browser will allocate fewer resources. If you prefer that the assigned sending times are adhered to, it is advisable to keep the WhatsApp Web tab in the foreground.

4. Connection Management: You will now have a clearer understanding of whether WhatSender is correctly connected to WhatsApp Web. For this, we have created a color-coded traffic light system where:

  • Red: means that by clicking, you can Open WhatSender Web.
  • Yellow: means you are on the WhatsApp Web tab, but you have not yet linked your device.
  • Green: means that WhatSender is correctly connected to WhatsApp Web.

Have you been unable to connect successfully? Follow this tutorial.

  1. Stay Updated: Make sure to keep up with future updates and improvements. We are committed to continuously enhancing WhatSender. You can view the version history here.
  2. Feedback and Support: We value your feedback. If you have suggestions or need help, our support team is ready to assist you. You can contact us at or through our help form.

In SummaryWith version 2.0.5 of WhatSender, we take a step forward in offering you a more refined tool tailored to your requirements. This update not only introduces new functionalities but also significantly improves efficiency in your communication. We are committed to providing solutions that facilitate smoother and more effective interaction with your clients, and we are confident that these improvements will be a valuable contribution to your professional day-to-day.

If you encounter any problems with this new version, do not hesitate to contact our support team for assistance. You can do so at or through our support form