Version History Page

Versión 2.0.14

New Feature Add New Contact: Now it's possible to add a new chat or user directly from the WhatsApp Web menu, using the phone number, without the need to open the extension.

Translations: The menus and extra functionalities are now available in the 6 supported languages, enhancing the experience for global users.

Corrections: Minor corrections have been made to maintain compatibility with WhatsApp 2.3, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Version 2.0.13

Ehancements for Number Identification and Compatibility with WhatsApp Web 2.3: The update enhances overall smoothness and reduces minor errors, ensuring a more seamless experience for users. Our dedication to improving functionality and user satisfaction remains unwavering.

Version 2.0.12

Number Detection and Compatibility with WhatsApp Web 2.3: This version introduces key fixes to address the issue of detecting invalid numbers, which previously could lead to process blockages. These improvements are in response to the rollout of WhatsApp Web 2.3, which, although not yet globally available, would affect users of this version. We continue to strive to minimize any inconvenience to the user.

Version 2.0.11

Attachment Sending Update: In version 2.0.11, we've enhanced image sending to address issues encountered with Whatsapp Web version 2.3. This update specifically targets challenges related to attachments, providing a more stable and reliable experience. We remain committed to service quality and thank our users for their feedback, which is crucial for our ongoing development.

Version 2.0.10

WhatSender Popup: In this update, we have implemented a highly useful feature to enhance your experience on Whatsapp Web: a special button in the menu that allows you to directly open WhatSender. This function is designed to optimize your workflow, enabling you to keep other tabs or applications open and work on them without losing quick access to WhatSender. It is the perfect solution for those seeking efficiency and practicality in their daily routine.

Additional Features - Chat and Contact Blurring:We understand the importance of privacy and discretion in the digital realm. Therefore, we have introduced a new option that allows you to blur your chats. This functionality is ideal for situations where you need to work anonymously, make live presentations, or simply wish to take screenshots of your desktop or application without exposing sensitive information about your contacts or the content of your conversations. With this new tool, we guarantee a higher degree of privacy and security for our users. We are open to suggestions for adding more Additional Features.

Version 2.0.9

Advanced Contact Import from WhatsApp Tags: This version introduces an enhanced feature that allows for the import of contacts directly through WhatsApp tags. Now, users can more easily expand their contact list by specifically selecting the desired tags, a significant improvement that complements the existing ability to import contacts from WhatsApp groups.

Optimization in Sending Attachments: We have implemented a series of technical improvements aimed at increasing the reliability of sending attachments. These optimizations ensure a smoother and more secure experience, reducing the possibility of errors and improving transmission speed.

New Activity Log Window from the Help Menu: In response to our users' need for a faster and more effective diagnosis of problems, we introduce an activity log window, accessible directly from the help menu. This feature facilitates the compilation and sending of detailed logs to the support team, allowing for a more agile and efficient problem identification and resolution process.

Version 2.0.8

New Contact Manager: We've introduced a new contact manager to make it easier for you to import the contacts you need most. Now, with the added feature of being able to import contacts directly from WhatsApp, we hope this tool will be of great use in your daily life.

Version 2.0.7

Duplicate Removal: New option to remove duplicates and prevent repeated submissions to customers, thus avoiding possible blocks on WhatsApp. It is activated by default.

Version 2.0.6

Account Detection Bug Fix: We have identified and corrected an issue in the previous version, where the WhatsApp session was not properly detected if the user did not have a profile picture set. This update ensures proper session detection regardless of the profile picture settings.

Version 2.0.5

Background Message Sending: We introduce a significant improvement in our operating engine. This enhancement in multitasking allows for sending messages even with the application closed, increasing flexibility and efficiency in communication.

Optimized Memory System: Implementation of an advanced memory system to efficiently handle large quantities of messages and histories, boosting performance and minimizing errors.

Compatibility with Previous Systems: Compatibility with previous sending and memory systems is ensured, providing a smooth transition and a reliable backup for users.

Version 2.0.4

New Alert Management: Implemented an alert system to inform our customers about important updates or solutions to known problems.

Support Links in Help Tab: Added direct links to technical support in the Help section for easier user assistance.

In-House Development for WA.ME: To avoid dependencies and issues with the API, we developed an internal solution that enhances stability and security.

Version 2.0.3

Advanced Configurations: Introduced advanced configuration options to customize the user experience.

Cache Deletion Feature: Added a function to clear cache, thus resolving critical performance issues.

Version 2.0.2

Bug Fix in Prefix Creation: Fixed a bug from version 2.0.1 related to the creation of prefixes.

Version 2.0.1

Prefix Management Update: Improved prefix management to prevent general incidents caused by WhatsApp updates, such as the "This number does not exist" error.

Version 2.0.0

New Multiple Attachment Sending System: Implemented an advanced system for sending multiple attachments, allowing text insertion in images. This version maintains compatibility with the previous system.