Registration errors

If you're experiencing issues with the extension, with the new version of Whatsender it will be easier for us to detect the problem on your computer that causes our extension not to work correctly. Follow the next steps. It shouldn't take more than 5 minutes of your time, but this depends on the slowness with which step 2 is executed. (Replicate the error you are experiencing)

Step 1: Update to the latest version of Whatsender

Before you start, make sure you have version 2.0.9, which allows you to download a record of Whatsender's behavior on your PC. If you have not yet updated to the latest version, here is a tutorial to do so.

Step 2: Replicate the steps that caused the error

Whether you're trying to send messages with attachments, texts, or other elements, we are working on replicating the error you have experienced. With the new version, all this information will be saved in our extension, which will make it easier for our technical service to detect the problem. So, send the messages again that you are trying to send, under the same circumstances so that everything is saved in the log. Try not to send to more than 30 contacts to avoid taking too long on this step. With 15, we will already have a record of your problem.

Step 3: Download the log. 

Once you have obtained the latest version and replicated the error, go to the Help tab (1) within the Whatsender extension. There you will find a submenu titled "Logs" (2). By clicking on it, at the end, you will see the option "Download log" (3). Click on this option to download a document that will be saved on your PC. You must email this log along with a screenshot of step 3.

Step 4: Screenshot evidence in the developer console

In addition to the log, it is necessary that you perform a test on your laptop. This will provide us with more information about the error you are experiencing. Since this process is a bit more complicated, we have recorded a video to guide you..

The summarized steps are as follows:

1. Open (you must be logged into your WhatsApp session)
2. Then click on the three dots of your Google Chrome browser.
3. Select "More tools".
4. After that, click on "Developer tools".
5. Click on "Console" (if your browser is in English) or "Consola" (if it is in Spanish).
6. A cursor will appear. You must type: allow pasting  (not copy paste) and press Enter on your keyboard.
8. Then, you must copy the first line and press Enter on the keyboard.
Wait, copy the second line, and so on until you finish the 4 lines.

Object.keys(window).filter(k => k.includes('Chunk'));
webpackChunkwhatsapp_web_client.push([["WS" + (new Date).getTime()], {},(a,b,c)=>{console.log(a)}]);

9. You must take a screenshot and send us this error. An example of the screenshot is shown above:

Step 5: Submit information through the form.

Once you have collected the files related to steps 3 and 4, we ask you to please submit them through the following form so we can provide you with priority attention. After submitting it, if you entered your email correctly, you will receive an email with the information sent. If you do not receive the confirmation email, please submit it again so we can get in touch with you, as the email was incorrect. If you use Gmail, our email will arrive in your main inbox or in the notifications section within 10 minutes of filling out the form.

Enter your email registered with WhatSender.
Upload your console screenshot and the log you downloaded from the extension. There should be a total of 2 files.
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If you have anything else to explain that might be relevant, you can write it in the following space: