How to send attachments?

We have created a tutorial that explains, step by step, how to send attachments through WhatSender using the "Attach files" button. Make sure your number is linked with WhatSender; it should display a green checkmark in the upper right corner.

To get started, simply click on "Attach file."

Once you have completed this action, the File Manager will open, where you can perform the following actions:

  1. Upload new files: Your file explorer will open so you can select and upload your images.
  2. In Whatsender, you now have the ability to send multiple files, which will be displayed in this section as you add them.
  3. After selecting the file or files you want to send, click the "Continue" button.

Your image or images will appear at the bottom of the message. All that's left is to configure the message, add the phone numbers, and send to your contacts.

If you encounter any issues with attachments, here we share a tutorial for their solution.