Issue with sending attachments

You are considered to have issues with attachments when:

1. You cannot send attachments to any contact.
2. Your attachment is sent to only some contacts and not others.
3. Your messages take an eternity to send due to the attachment.

We invite you to watch this tutorial on how to send attachments to confirm that you are following the steps correctly.

Solution 1:

  • The first thing you should do is reduce the size of your files to a maximum of 2MB. If they are images, we recommend using this tool:
  • We do not recommend sending videos; if necessary, it is best to upload your video to YouTube in private mode and then share the link with your clients. You can also do this by uploading the video to Google Drive, OneDrive, or another similar service, and then sharing the link.
  • Once you have reduced the file size, extend the attachment sending time from the profile tab in WhatSender. This can help avoid connection problems or issues with the WhatsApp Web application. If you have a stable connection, try a wait and send time of 3 seconds. If your connection is slow, the value should be higher.
  • NOTE: If the file is very heavy, you will need to increase the times even more. But remember that this makes the sending slower. Fortunately, now you can leave WhatSender working while you do something else.
    With this, you should be able to send attachments again.

Solution 2:

To resolve this issue, you can revert to the previous version by using the corresponding button "Activate the Old Attachment Method" located at the bottom of the Profile tab. By doing so, you will return to using the previous attachment system that you have been familiar with over the past year. This action should solve your problem.

Have you been sending attachments for months and now it's not working?

Remember that Whatsender uses the cache of your Google Chrome browser for message sending. So, if you have a "full" cache, it won't work properly. To avoid this problem, we invite you to clear your cache every 15 days or every month, depending on how many messages you send each day.

You have two options for cleaning. The first is to use the "reset settings" function and then clear memory, which you'll find in the advanced settings of your Profile panel. Remember that clearing the cache will erase all your history, and there's no going back. You can save your reports using the history function, which we explain here.

The second option is to clear the browser cache using this official Google Chrome tutorial.

After clearing the cache, remember to log in again on the User tab, as your user credentials will disappear and you will be subject to the limitation of 20 messages.

This tutorial has been effective for 99% of the people who have faced this problem. However, if you find yourself in that 1% who have not been successful, we would be happy to assist you through our contact form. We will be delighted to analyze your case individually and provide you with a specific solution. Please note that our response times are usually 1 to 2 business days, from Monday to Friday.

In order to assist you, we need you to share the following information in the message:

- What is the size of the attachments?
- Are you sending only one attachment or multiple attachments?
- Are you sending text only, text + attachments, or only attachments in the message?
- Have you logged in to the profile tab of the Chrome extension? If so, your account data should appear. If it asks for a username and password, it means you have not yet logged in, which restricts your account to only 20 messages. (This is just a reminder to log in; you don't need to send us anything.)
- Can you share the attachment you are trying to send, as well as screenshots if you encounter any alerts or any relevant information that helps us validate the issue?

We also need two screenshots from the User tab, one showing the settings of your Whatsender extension under preferences and another showing advanced settings. Below are examples of these two screenshots: