Log in to WhatSender

Once you have installed WhatSender, it's time to log in and link your WhatsApp account. In this tutorial, we will guide you through this process. 

Please note that if you do NOT log in, you have a limit of 20 free messages per day. If you register with your information, this limit is increased to 40 messages per day. Furthermore, if you opt for a monthly or annual paid subscription, you will have no restrictions on the number of messages you can send. However, we strongly recommend that you read our tips to avoid being blocked by WhatsApp.

Register on WhatSender.

Whether you want to purchase a paid plan or simply take advantage of the 40 free daily messages, it's essential to register on WhatSender to obtain a username and password to manage your account. You can complete this process through the following link:

Before confirming your subscription, please verify that your email address is correct, as we will send your access credentials to that address. If the address is incorrect, you will not receive the email, and you won't be able to log in.

If you wish to purchase a paid plan, you can do so in the following window, where you will be provided with the option to choose from the various subscription options available in WhatSender.

Log in to WhatSender.

If you have already made a purchase or simply registered to get the 40 free messages, go to your email where you will find a message titled "Registration Confirmation." In this email, you will find your username (which is always your email address) and password.

Enter this information in the "User" tab of the Chrome extension to access all the benefits associated with your account. If you do not log in to the extension, not on Whatsender.com, you will continue to have only 20 daily messages.

Once registered, you will be able to view your login details in the WhatSender extension. This will confirm that you have successfully logged into the extension and will provide you with all the information about your subscription.

What does it mean for the service status to be active? It means that you have paid for a monthly or annual subscription and that you have access to unlimited messages until the end date of period.

What does "Subscription Status:Active" mean? It indicates that you have a subscription associated with your account that is billed monthly or annually. When you cancel the subscription, it will be displayed as "Cancelled". If there are any payment issues, it will appear as "Deactivated".

Log in to WhatsApp Web.

It's important to have logged in to WhatsApp Web. We provide you with the link to a WhatsApp tutorial in case you don't know how to link your phone to your laptop.

Once you have linked WhatsApp Web, close this window. Then, click on the "Open WhatsApp Web" tab, and the WhatsApp Web tab will open again. Now, you will see a green checkmark clearly indicating that WhatSender has been successfully linked to WhatsApp Web. If it appears in red, it means it hasn't been linked correctly.

Do you have trouble signing in? Remember that you can always reset your password from this page by clicking on "Forgot your password?". If the issue persists, please contact us through our contact form.

Is your payment not associated with or is your service not active? In order to assist you effectively, we need you to send us the last four digits of the card used for payment, as well as the name of the cardholder, through our contact form. These details will allow us to trace the transaction and address your request properly. In most cases, accounts are not active due to a typo in the email address or signing up with a different email address.

If you encounter any other issues, we'll be happy to assist you through our contact form.