How to resolve pending messages?

This tutorial is designed to assist you in case your messages remain in "Sending Pending" status.

Cause 1: You are trying to send very large files.

  •  These should not exceed 2MB. Remember that if you use attachments, each file must be uploaded to Whatsender by each user. Therefore, if your file is too large, each send could take up to 35 minutes, which could result in the "Sending Pending" error. However, this occurs simply because the file is too heavy. We recommend trying to compress it to reduce its size as much as possible.
  • We do not recommend sending videos directly. Instead, convert them into links or upload them to YouTube and attach the link to the message.

Cause 2: You did not log in to the profile tab and you have a restriction of 20 messages.

This will cause the remaining messages to appear as pending when you send 20 messages in a day.


1. If you have a WhatSender subscription, log in to the "Profile" tab with your username and password and try sending again.

2. Refresh the WhatSender screen with WhatsApp open. We're sharing this video so you know which option to refresh if you're unsure.

Cause 3: Your browser's memory is corrupt.

Over time, Google Chrome's memory deteriorates, so it's necessary to clean the memory.

Solution: To do this, go to the "User" tab and scroll to the bottom where you'll find two buttons: Click first on the one to reset settings and then on the one to clean memory.

This last option will delete your browsing history, so if you want to save reports, we provide you with this tutorial. Additionally, it will remove your username and password from the profile tab. Therefore, you will need to log in again.

As we mentioned before, after cleaning the memory, your username and password will be removed.

In case you forgot how to log in, please review this tutorial. It's in the "USER" tab where you should enter your username and password to access all the benefits of your subscription.

Have these steps not worked for you?

Step 1: UNINSTALL the extension.

  • Uninstall the extension by clicking here. A window like the following will appear. Follow the steps to delete it.

Step 2: Close Whatsapp Web. Make sure you don't leave any tabs open where you have Whatsapp Web running. You must close all tabs in all active windows. If you leave any tabs open, the next step won't work.

Step 3: Clear cache. Before this step, make sure you don't have any Whatsapp Web tabs open. You can follow the steps here. Remember that this option deletes your history; you can save your reports using this tutorial.

Step 4: Close Chrome. Close all tabs and windows that you have open. Nothing should be left open.

Step 5: Install WhatSender.

Install the extension again by clicking here. You can follow the tutorial below to install WhatSender, as there is a part where you need to accept permissions. This part is essential; otherwise, you will continue to have errors.

Step 6: Log in to the Whatsender extension. If you forget this step, you will be restricted to sending only 20 messages. Remember to enter your username and password.

Step 7: Try sending again.

This tutorial has been effective for 99% of the people who have faced this problem. However, if you find yourself in that 1% who have not been successful, we would be happy to assist you through a personalized video. You can use the Loom tool to create the video and send it through our contact form. We will be delighted to analyze your case individually and provide you with a specific solution. Please note that our response times are usually 1 to 2 business days, from Monday to Friday.